Boat Covers

Whether you own a launch, yacht or a runabout, North Shore Canvas can design a boat cover, bimini or spray dodger for you. Custom design is our specialty and we offer a service which encompasses design, manufacture and installation.

Boat Canopies

- are available in several types of marine fabrics and a huge range of colours.  We offer a variety of installation and accessory options for a custom-fit, including: zip hatches, fold-down options, clear PVC panels and windows custom designed for your boat style and personal options. 

Storage Covers

- are ideal for storage and offer a cheaper alternative to a separate carport.  Very practical and provide protection for all types of boats. Several material types are available with a range of price structures for all your budgets.

Accessory Covers

- North Shore Canvas can make any type of cover you require, including covers for Hatches, BBQs, consoles, electronics, tables, fenders and everything else.

Boat Upholstery

- We offer a full quote, manufacture and installation service. Our range of pre-made seats includes many of the most popular runabout types with stylish colour options.  We can supply all the fittings required to install them yourself or we can install them for you if required (Auckland region only).